Under God's Thumb

The Party Assembles

A Quest for the Eye

The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Iron Man assemble when a call to arms is heard. Ranks of apparent humans attack the city, but nowhere near enough to actually breach.

As the battle rages, their demeanor suggests a lack of empathy or even knowledge of their surroundings- the brainwashed hoard is swept aside easily.

The adventurers consult a Seer, who reveals a prophecy that claims an artifact called the Eye of Demeter must be assembled to quell an upcoming disaster.

The colleagues depart to further their knowledge and discover the Eye is a metallic sphere which is somehow connected to the nine elements. The mage and cleric discover two leads that may be of some use, and upon returning to the seer, their hunch is confirmed; they are due to travel northwest, toward the abandoned quarters of what they refer to as the Cult of Ruin.



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