Under God's Thumb

Into The Dungeon

Battle for Ruin

Our intrepid heroes decided to head to the Ruin Temple first, by packing their horses and making the trek to a nearby town. Luckily, having bought a supply of animals, they were able to stave off a wyvern attack, though later they were caught off guard by an ogre and a band of hobgoblins.

However, they took down the troupe, and made their way further east, to Tansend. From there, they were able to catch a ferry and continue their journey. Upon finding the ruins on the northern coast, they headed into the depths, coming across a band of brigands who fell easily to their skill.

The temple shortly opened into a large colonnade, and a secret room to one side held what they sought, a supposed piece of the Eye. However, laying their hands on it summoned a ten-headed hydra. Through quick thinking and a laying of spells (not to mention a handy potion,) they were able to sever its heads and render it dead.

They left the body to disintegrate into nothing, headed back to recoup and continue their journey.



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